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Professional Associations

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Pharmaceutical Information & Pharmacovigilance Association

The professional organisation for individuals involved in the provision and management of information and those involved in the fulfilment of regulatory requirements relating to drug safety

Drug Information Association

A non-profit association committed to individuals who work in all facets of the discovery, development and life cycle management of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and related products.

The Organisation for Professionals in Regulatory Affairs

Global organisation for regulatory affairs professionals and for those who have an interest in regulatory affairs in the healthcare sector.

International Society of Pharmacovigilance

Is a non-profit organisation, which aims to foster Pharmacovigilance scientifically and educationally, and enhance all aspects of the safe and proper use of medicines.

Medical Information


Literature Monitoring



Professional enquiry handling to support the safe and effective use of your products. Ease the regulatory burden and keep compliant with current pharmacovigilance legislation. Product safety through surveillance of published articles and case reports. A comprehensive technical review and final signatories for all promotional materials. Confident staff to support the pharmacovigilance process.

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