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About Us

Our Company Motto. "It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation and only one bad one to lose It." – Benjamin Franklin

Company Background. Red Line Pharmacovigilance operates from offices in Challenge House, Bletchley situated in Milton Keynes. We are an outsourcing provider of medical information enquiry handling services and pharmacovigilance services to various clients within the pharmaceutical industry. The company has over the years expanded its services to include copy approval and compliments this function by providing additional technical assistance with the design and development of digital media and online applications for the healthcare sector.

Our Services. We provide a suite of services to support the pharmaceutical industry with single or bundled service packages for medical information, pharmacovigilance, literature monitoring and copy approval. External auditing, SOP writing, medical writing, staff training and digital media are subsets of these key areas. Packages are tailored to suit the client, their budget and their legislative requirements. We are service focused and the transition for the customer between the company and Red Line is seamless. We can tailor a package to support an existing department or manage part - or all - of a client’s product portfolio.

Our Skills. Staff are carefully selected for their technical expertise which include medical physicians, qualified pharmacists, life science graduates, medical administrators and our own in-house technical team who manage our IT systems.

Our Future. Red Line is built on a business model that enables us to accommodate a growing customer base, enabling us to to efficiently and rapidly adapt to an expanding portfolio of a wide range of client requirements. Large or small, we value all our customers and are conscientious about the quality of service regardless of their size.

Our Mission Statement. "One cannot change whether a drug causes an adverse reaction. What can be changed is whether a manufacturer did everything possible to detect it." - Strom BL, Pharmacoepidemiology, 4th Edition. 2005.

Our Company Policy. We are commited to meeting customer requirements by providing a quality service, delivered in a professional and timely manner, and by continuously improving our systems.

A committed outsourcing partner with a sound knowledge of pharmacovigilance.

BSI Assurance Mark ISO 9001

Professional enquiry handling to support the safe and effective use of your products.
Ease the regulatory burden and keep compliant with current pharmacovigilance legislation.
Product safety through surveillance of published articles and case reports.
Confident staff to support the pharmacovigilance process.
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