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Copy Approval

Red Line Pharmacovigilance is proud to unveil Copy Approval in our expanding line of quality services. We can copy approve all promotional materials including but not limited to:

  • Journal, magazine, newspaper and direct mail advertising
  • Representative activities
  • Speaker meetings
  • Detail aids and any other materials used by representatives
  • Promotional aids
  • Representatives briefing and training materials
  • Meeting materials including agendas, invites, handouts etc
  • Supply of samples
  • Press releases
  • Added value programmes
Copy Approval will include:
  • Copy Approval will include a technical review to ensure compliance with the ABPI code and appropriate legal requirements. The information within the materials is checked for factual accuracy against references and compliance with marketing authorisation, and is done with efficiency and quick turnaround in mind. Where specially arranged, a 24-hour turnaround for all levels of review is possible.
  • Where final signatory resources are stretched or limited, Red Line can supply you with final medical and non-medical signatory support. This can save time and costs as materials are reviewed and brought up to certification stage as required. Where budget constraints are considerable copy approval without final medical sign off can be provided if you prefer to conduct this in-house.

Medical Information


Literature Monitoring



Professional enquiry handling to support the safe and effective use of your products. Ease the regulatory burden and keep compliant with current pharmacovigilance legislation. Product safety through surveillance of published articles and case reports. A comprehensive technical review and final signatories for all promotional materials. Confident staff to support the pharmacovigilance process.

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