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Red Line Introduces Dr Nina Patel

We are delighted to welcome on board our in-house physician Nina Patel. Whilst Nina has played a background advisory role in Red Line Pharmacovigilance since its inception in 2010, she has decided to commit to the company on a more permanent basis.

Nina graduated from Manchester University a fair few years ago. She immediately launched herself into the serious business of General Practice. Initially working in North London, but through her good luck and ours, Nina landed in Milton Keynes. Since arriving in Milton Keynes, she continued her career in General Practice as a full time partner at Westcroft Health Centre. After having her first baby, Nina started working part time, and after her second (and, she adamantly states…‘final’) baby was born she continued to work in the same manner.

Unfortunately the pressure of General Practice and raising a young family meant she left general practice in February 2013. But General practice’s loss is our gain. She has now settled into her new career as ‘Pharmaceutical Physician’ at Red Line Pharmacovigilance, as part of the Pharmacovigilance team. She is very much enjoying her position with us, and she doesn’t stop smiling!

Nina’s medical expertise will be put to good use to provide clinical support with medical review of adverse event reports, clinical review of PSUR/PBRERs and signal detection evaluation and assessment activities. In addition, Nina will be assisting our Copy Approval Specialist on projects related to promotional materials used for the marketing of prescriptions medicines.

Welcome, Nina. You are a valued member of our team.

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